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Village Voice Nov 2022

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Village Voice Sept 2022

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Daily life at Balmoral in the 1950’s

by Alan Pride (reprint from VV Issue 34) Friend Col Ripper has been leaning me for more reminiscences of Balmoral Village as it was when I lived there with my wife Pat and daughter Marilyn 50+ years ago, in “Balmoral Lodge”, tghe remians of which as still there on Wilson Drive, just south of the… Continue reading Daily life at Balmoral in the 1950’s

Village Voice July 2022

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Village Voice May 2022

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Village Voice March 2022

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Large sculpture near Big Hill Cutting

You may have driven past the large concrete sculpture which is situated almost on top of the Big Hill Cutting and wondered about it. Southern Highland News offers a two part story with lots of history and interesting information. Part One Part Two

Balmoral Public School est. 1893

A walk back in time by Janine King, Balmoral Village Back in 1993, we had a small celebration with a few Balmoral families because the home that Steve Harrison and I live in was then 100 years old. In what seems a very short space in time our home is now almost 130 years old.… Continue reading Balmoral Public School est. 1893

Mobile Library

Wingecarribee Council provides a mobile library which visits our Village ever second Tuesday. The mobile van parks at the village crossing near the fire shed on the following dates: For more information, visit or call 0417 699 641.

Village Voice Dec 2015

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